Difference Between Online Vs Distance MBA Education In India (2024)

Introduction On: Difference Between Online Vs Distance MBA Education In India (2024)


Nowadays, the demand for MBA graduates has increased vastly, with companies looking for good MBA graduates. Undoubtedly, this sector is growing in every aspect possible. MBA graduates are easily getting average salaries of anywhere around 7 LPA, and this figure is expected to increase in the next few years. In this technologically advanced era, to fulfill the demands of working professionals to pursue an MBA today, we can complete our MBA graduation through Online or Distance mode.

In this blog, we will go into detail and help you understand the difference between an online MBA and a distance MBA In India.

What Is Online MBA Education?


As the name suggests, online MBA is a form of studying MBA online. Online MBA colleges have regular lectures conducted daily or on weekends, according to the university’s schedule. If you are a working professional, you can opt for weekend lectures, or if you are a student, you can also opt for universities that provide daily Online lectures. Various Universities have their own LMS portals where you can login and attend lectures, complete assignments, and appear for exams.

What Is Distance MBA Education?


A distance MBA is a form of MBA where students and working professionals can complete their MBA without attending physical lectures on campus. In a distance MBA, students are given study material to study at home, and they only have to visit the college for exams. A distance MBA is good for working professionals who cannot attend lectures physically on campus because of their day job or for someone willing to complete their MBA from a specific location.

Difference Between Online Vs Distance MBA Education In India (2023)
Difference Between Online Vs Distance MBA Education In India (2024)


Difference Between an online and distance MBA Course


Distance MBA Online MBA
Is for students who do not want to attend lectures physically in colleges. Is for students who want to attend lectures online.
Students have to submit assignments and projects on selected dates in centers. Submissions of assignments and projects happen regularly through the online mode.
There is no teacher-student interaction in a distance MBA. There is teacher-student interaction in an online MBA.
Attendance is not required for Distance MBA. Attendance is not mandatory for Online MBA.
Students have a limited number of doubt-clearing sessions in a year. Students can interact with teachers and express their doubts on a regular basis.
Distance MBA students will not have Alumni status from the college. Online MBA students get Alumni status from the College.
Placement assistance depends on the institution offering the distance MBA. In Online MBA programs, the majority of Colleges provide good placement support.
A distance MBA doesn’t involve a fixed schedule for classes and lectures. An online MBA requires you to study on a fixed schedule and timetable set by the college.


In Simple words, The online MBA conducts lectures and exams through the Internet. Students can join lectures daily or on weekends, according to the university schedule and course selected by the student. In distance MBA, students are given study material to study on their own, submit projects and assignments, and appear for exams in selected centers on selected dates set by the college.


Which Is Best Between Online MBA And Distance MBA?


Both Distance MBA and Online MBA have their own advantages and disadvantages, but the focus remains on providing quality education to students and working professionals. Both of these types of MBA are good and give you a chance to apply your learning in a real-world scenario.

We suggest you choose any of the types according to your stability and comfort. If you are someone who cares about alumni status and wants to network with other MBA students and faculty, then an online MBA might be a better choice for you. If you are someone who likes to study on their own or someone who is a working professional and cannot attend regular lectures on a daily basis, then a distance MBA is a good choice for such individuals. Whatever you choose, whether it be Online Mode or Distance mode, both have equal importance.


Salary Scope In Online MBA And Distance MBA Education


The salary scope of an online or distance MBA varies according to the experience and specialization chosen by the individual. But we can say that companies are offering some really good packages to online and distance MBA graduates, with their average base salaries ranging from 6 to 9 LPA. We can clearly say that there is no difference between packages offered to regular MBA students and online and Distance MBA students. Also note that these salaries are offered to freshers and can vary upwards depending on experience and specialization selected from individual to individual.





Is there any difference between the online MBA syllabus and the regular MBA Syllabus?

Online and Regular MBA syllabuses are the same, and employers also give equal importance to online and regular graduates. Online MBA is accredited by UGC, DBE, and other bodies, so both regular and online MBA have the same syllabus and teaching pattern.


What are the Job Opportunities After Pursuing an Online MBA?

Online MBA colleges provide good placement assistance for their students, and individuals can get some good salaries after completing an Online MBA in India. Average salaries after completing an Online MBA range from 4 to 9 LPA in India.


What is the eligibility criteria for pursuing an online MBA?

Students or working professionals who have completed their bachelor’s degree from a recognized university with 50% or above marks are eligible for an online MBA at most universities.


Which course is more affordable—an online or distance MBA?

Distance MBA education is more affordable when compared to Online MBA education. Online MBA is less affordable because it conducts lectures and provides proper guidance sessions to its students.


Does distance or online MBA have value?

Distance and Online MBA courses are approved by UGC and NAAC and thus have the same value as Regular MBA courses. Distance or Online MBA have equal value and importance when compared to Regular MBA. The only difference is that in an online MBA, everything happens virtually, and in a distance MBA, everything is conducted in exam centers on selected dates, and students have to study on their own using study materials.

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